“Lance is a great counselor. He really is sympathetic and knows what he’s talking about. He is good at guiding you in a positive direction in a way that you’re ready to take on. I have learned a lot about myself and others through his knowledge.”

“Lance has been a persistent force of positive energy in my time working with him. His experience and understanding are present immediately. Lance provided me with personalized tools and resources aimed at moving me forward in my journey toward positivity. He listens, he considers, and he responds promptly. Importantly, for me, he is diligent in gently eliciting my participation in our counseling conversations. If you could benefit from a more mindful outlook, Lance is a great help.”

“Lance is great! Lance is super approachable and really easy to work with. He has a friendly yet professional style that made it comfortable for me to talk to him right off the bat. I was looking for help in a variety of areas and he was able to provide resources while still keeping me focused on the issues I needed to tackle. I highly recommend him.”

“Responsive, caring, and effective. I’ve been working with Lance for a month now. He’s very responsive! Super friendly and listens. I don’t get a sense of being judged- very comfortable and smooth experience. He’s always checking in even when you forget to.”

“So far, Lance has been pretty awesome. He’s been kind, understanding, open and non-judgmental, while also keeping me grounded and calling me out if I’m getting too into my own head or in my own way. I was hesitant to seek a therapist in the first place, but it’s been a great experience.”

“Since beginning with Lance, even in the short 2 months it’s been, my life has changed in a way that it definitely feels on course and much more clear. I am greatly thankful.”

“Lance is consistent and warm. He helps me return to wisdom I know is there, but is easy to forget. His exercises and reminders are extremely useful. Focusing on mindfulness and gratitude regularly supports and heals in a way you can really feel. But truly, his consistency is admirable and sets him apart.”